Mexicana. Repository of cultural heritage of Mexico. Towards a new management model

Alberto Pacheco Pedraza, Alejandra Medellín de la Pedra
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Alberto Pacheco Pedraza

He studied Political Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and has a master's degree in Regional Development from the Colegio de la Frontera Norte. He attended a training program for emerging leaders in museums and cultural management by the Institute of Leadership in Museums and the Universidad Iberoamericana. He was general coordinator of the Mexican Federation of Friends of Museums. He currently coordinates Mexicana. Repository of the cultural heritage of Mexico.


Alejandra Medellín de la Piedra

She has a master's degree in performing arts from the University of British Columbia, Canada. For many years she worked as a researcher at the “Rodolfo Usigli” Theater Research Center and the “José Limón” Dance Research Center, both belonging to the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL). She coordinated the creation of INBA Digital, an open access repository. She currently coordinates Mexicana. Repository of Cultural Heritage of Mexico.