KulturNav. A collaborative approach to the management of shared vocabularies

Sara Kayser, Ulf Bodin
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Sara Kayser

She is a museum consultant with KulturIT AS, where she works with partner museums to facilitate the integration of digital systems and provides training and support to users. She worked on and supervised several digitisation projects in Egypt from 2005-2018, most recently as project curator for the British Museum. Her professional interests include the digital documentation and dissemination of cultural heritage.


Ulf Bodin

He is an archaeologist who has developed solutions for digital cultural heritage since the 1990s when he worked at the Swedish National Heritage Board and the National Museums of History in Stockholm. He is a consultant at KulturIT AS since 2011 and is responsible for the development of KulturNav.org. His other interests are information architecture, vocabularies, authority management and Linked Open Data (LOD).