University Heritage Patrimonio culturale in rete is a web magazine promoted by the Network of Italian University Museums. Its target is to discuss topics related to University cultural heritage, but also to open up the way for reflections on the presentation, conservation, enhancement, and protection of cultural heritage. This latter is broadly intended as a full set of resources inherited from the past, constantly evolving in spite of their actual owners, and considered as the expression of the values, beliefs, knowledge, and tradition of civilisations.

The magazine intends to stimulate creativity by spreading knowledge about innovative and sustainable methods and technologies applied to the management and communication of cultural heritage. The magazine ensures the utmost respect of biological, geological and landscape diversity and it will serve as a platform for the exchange of research outcomes and experiments focused on heritage, conceived as an instrument of knowledge and integration of the cultural memory of communities. It envisions an interdisciplinary approach to themes such as the good practices of sustainability, accessibility and participation to digital humanities, new digital culture, use of storytelling, and gamification, and to the necessary strategies imposed by the pandemic.

The magazine is open to contributions from the various professionals operating in the fields of knowledge, conservation, safeguard, and promotion of cultural heritage.